Sample Rent Agreement (pdf format)

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

The best advice I can give you regarding rent agreements (aka leases) is to use one that’s commonly used in your market.  Ask a local Property Manager for a blank rent agreement.  You may also obtain a blank rent agreement from an office supply store, but you may find that it’s either too generic or overly detailed because its creator wanted to make it useful nationwide.

Dot i’s, Cross t’s

The second bit of advice is to leave no blanks.  If something isn’t applicable, then write in, ‘NA’ or ‘XXX.’

If you feel the need to revise the rent agreement, then you should consult an attorney to make sure that everything is legal, correct, and in your best interest.

When completing the rent agreement, be sure to explain things to the tenant as you go along.  Make sure that they sign, initial, and date as needed, then provide them with a copy.

Sample Rent Agreement (pdf format)

Click the link below to review a sample rent agreement.  You may also download and use it for free.

Chicago Apartment Lease

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