4 Myths About Your Sphere of Influence

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Realize it or not, you probably have a massive sphere of influence (SOI).  Think about all of the friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances who’ve emailed and texted you over the years.  And let’s not forget about that desk drawer filled with all those business cards!

If you really think about it, your SOI is a gold mine.  But here’s the question.  Are you capitalizing on it?  Are you mining the gold?

If not, perhaps you’ve let fear keep you from reaching out to your SOI.  Or maybe you believe one or more of the following myths.

How to Avoid the 4 Myths


Myth 1:  They know I’m a Realtor.

After you got your license, did you let everybody know?  Or did you just tell that big mouth friend of yours in the hope that it would make its way through the grapevine?  And if you’ve been an agent for a few years, when’s the last time that you reminded them.  Don’t assume that your SOI knows or remembers that you’re a Realtor.

Myth 2:  When they’re ready, they’ll contact me.

Let’s face it, everyone’s favorite radio station is WII FM:  What’s In It For Me!  So, when people in your SOI are ready to buy or sell, their minds are on their goals…not yours.  And because of that, there’s a good chance they’ll go with a Realtor who’s top of mind…namely, that guy whose sign is everywhere and who reaches out to them every month.  After all, who’s more likely to help them achieve their goals…that top-of-mind guy or you…who they never hear from?

How to Avoid the 4 Myths

Myth 3:  They’re loyal to me.

So, let’s suppose you did a bang-up job for people in your SOI.  Surely, you’re their Realtor for life, right?


Your SOI doesn’t owe you anything…and that includes friends and family.  Loyalty must be earned, and it’s not earned just once.  You must continually provide value to your SOI in order to maintain its’ loyalty.

Myth 4:  They’ll refer me.

Whether you’re looking for a mechanic, dentist or painter, you prefer someone who’s been recommended by a friend or family member.  Don’t you want to be that Realtor who gets referred?  You’ve got to encourage your SOI on a regular basis to refer you.  You want your name to come out of people’s mouths on reflex when someone asks them to recommend a Realtor.

How to Avoid the 4 Myths

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