Real Estate Trainers & Consultants Committed To Your Success!

Our real estate trainers and consultants have nearly 30 years experience in real estate sales and property management.  We know your world because we’re active Realtors and Property Managers just like you.  We only provide training and consulting for software that we use in our own businesses. Our virtual assistants are rigorously vetted and trained to help you with prospecting, marketing, and administration.

Real Estate Trainers

Our trainers have worked at national real estate franchises, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies.  We use modern, adult learning techniques to get you up and running quickly.  Our training is…

      • Hands-on
      • Scenario based
      • Highly interactive
      • Live in-person
      • Online

Got questions?  Let’s set aside a few minutes to chat!


Need help setting things up?  Want to customize the software to meet your specific needs?  Let Strategic Real Estate Trainers do the heavy lifting so that you can focus on high dollar activities!  We can do the following and more:

  • Import contacts
  • Create action plans
  • Set up properties
  • Create marketing materials
  • Set up lead providers
  • Implement auto-apply plan rules
  • Set up bookkeeping

Got questions?  Let’s set aside a few minutes to chat!


Strategic Real Estate Trainers offers and supports the following software:

Learn more about these software through video demonstrations and live webinars.  Got questions?  Let’s set aside a few minutes to chat!  If you’re ready to subscribe, click HERE for BIG SAVINGS!

Virtual Support

Are there ever enough hours in the day to get everything done?  You’ve thought about an assistant, but hiring, training, and holding someone accountable seems overwhelming.  And where will they work, what tools and equipment must you provide?

A virtual assistant may be the answer.  Our knowledgeable and experienced VAs can assist you as follows:

      • Respond to phone calls, email, text
      • Input properties
      • Market listings
      • Organize files
      • Follow up with contacts
      • Schedule appointments
      • Manage bookkeeping

Got questions?  Let’s set aside a few minutes to chat!


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